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Philadelphia Inquirer Retracts Anti-Semitic Cartoon Under Pressure From GOP Senate Candidate Dave McCormick

'Hamas is responsible for the brutal killing of hundreds of innocent Israelis, and yet the Inquirer is taking their side,' McCormick said

October 19, 2023

UPenn Anti-Israel Hatefest Could Violate Federal Law, Group Warns

Ivy League ‘complicit in fostering a hostile environment for Jewish and Israeli students’

September 26, 2023

David McCormick Launches Pennsylvania Senate Bid. This Time, He’s Likely to Avoid a Messy Primary Battle.

Army veteran, former hedge fund exec sets sights on Bob Casey after narrow 2022 primary loss

September 21, 2023

Biden Judicial Nom Let Penn State President Who Ignored Sandusky Rape Accusations Walk Free

An appeals court reversed Karoline Mehalchick's decision and criticized her legal argument

September 14, 2023

Democratic Opposition Researcher, a Former '60 Minutes' Producer, Masquerades as Journalist While Digging Dirt on Pennsylvania's David McCormick

McCormick acquaintances say Marley Klaus Dowling has presented herself, alternatively, as 'fact-checker,' reporter, and researcher

August 17, 2023

'Building an Antiracist America': Top Pennsylvania School District Pushes Teachers To Infuse Critical Race Theory Into Their Lessons

Pennsylvania school teachers must 'know and acknowledge that biases exist in the education system' before they can teach in the state

July 5, 2023