Harris Says She Misheard Question on Abolishing Private Insurance

Says She Would Not Support Eliminating Private Insurance Despite Past Comments

June 28, 2019

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Ca.) added to confusion over whether she supports eliminating private insurance during an appearance on Morning Joe.

In a video first flagged by America Rising, Harris claimed she misinterpreted a debate question about abolishing private insurance. "Once and for all, do you think that private insurance should be eliminated in this country?" co-host Willie Geist asked.

"No," Harris responded. "I do not."

"But you raised your hand last night," Geist pointed out, referring to a question posed by moderator Lester Holt during last night's Democratic debate.

Holt asked the candidates, "Who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan?" Harris and Bernie Sanders (D., Vt.) were the only two candidates to raise their hands.

"But the question was, would you give up your private insurance for that option and I said yes," Harris clarified.

"I think you heard it differently from others, then," Geist responded.

"Probably," Harris said.

Harris's fiery debate performance is drawing praise, especially her clash with current frontrunner Joe Biden's comments on racial issues. However, her latest remarks on abolishing private insurance clash with previous statements she made on the issue.

In January, Harris said, "Let's eliminate all that" in reference to a question about private insurance plans. She co-sponsored Sen. Sanders's Medicare for All bill that would eliminate private insurance plans in favor of a single-payer system.

However, in May, Harris claimed that Medicare for All would not eliminate all private insurance plans, pointing to a loophole that allows some supplemental insurance opportunities for private companies. The Washington Post's fact check deemed Harris's language "slippery" on the issue.