Halperin on Clinton: 'I Can Barely Tell You What Her Economic Ideas Are'

May 17, 2016

Mark Halperin told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday that he barely knew what Hillary Clinton’s economic ideas were and doubts voters can understand them either.

Mitchell asked Halperin about Clinton's statement at an event in Kentucky Sunday that she would give her husband, Bill Clinton, a special role in her administration. Bill would be, "In charge of revitalizing the economy," she said.

"You think it’s a net plus to talk about Bill Clinton’s advisory role," Mitchell said.

"Bill Clinton is more popular that either of the two presidential candidates and his views on the economy help her define hers. Look, I think her biggest weakness right now in this entire race, besides likability in public, is not talking about the economy," Halperin said.

"At least when she cites her husband's [economic policy], she can at least glom on to some economic ideas. Some of which are still popular, not all, trade is obviously a troubled area," Halperin said. "At least it allows herself to be associating herself with some better economic times than we currently have and better economic times than she’s offering in any specific way that’s broken through."

Halperin concluded that he does not believe most voters understand her economic policy.

"I can barely tell you what her economic idea are. I guarantee you most voters do not know and that is the terrain on which she wins this if she wins it," he said.