CNN Host Defends Clinton When Cuomo Calls Trump a 'Machine' Compared to Her

September 15, 2016

CNN host Chris Cuomo called Donald Trump a "machine" on Thursday in comparison to Hillary Clinton's recent health issues, leading fellow New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota to interrupt and say both candidates had strong stamina.

Discussing Trump's Wednesday appearance on the daytime show Dr. Oz where they reportedly discussed the results of Trump's recent physical exam, Cuomo said Trump was "playing to an advantage" over Clinton with health as a topic.

"Hillary Clinton's the one who had the episode where she fainted and fell into that van," Cuomo said. "She's the one who had the 2012 [concussion] episode, not him. There's never been a check on his health. He eats McDonalds. He runs around like a machine."

Camerota cut in to defend Clinton.

"They both run around like machines, let's be honest, in terms of their stamina," she said. "But I'm also not sure how much voters really do want to hear about colonoscopy results."

"All day," Cuomo joked. "I can't get enough. I look at those in my free time, forget about work time."

Cuomo is the brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.), a strong supporter of Clinton.

Clinton has been off the campaign trail this week to recover from a bout with pneumonia. She was diagnosed with it last Friday, but her illness wasn't revealed until Sunday when she left the 9/11 memorial in New York City early and nearly fainted before getting into her van.