CNN Legal Analyst: The Country Is More Sexist, Racist Than We Acknowledge

Liberal CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Wednesday that the United States was far more "sexist" and "racist" than people acknowledge.

Former Donald Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo, who was combative throughout the appearance on CNN's "AC 360" and went viral for his exchange with liberal panelist Kirsten Powers, defended Trump's press conference performance that day and his defense of Brett Kavanaugh during allegations he's facing of sexual misconduct.

"Today's press conference was Donald Trump's TED Talk to Republican Senate leaders, teaching them how to put quarters in a sock, because we are not going to take this from you anymore," Caputo snapped.

Toobin agreed, saying Trump was right with the Republican Party on the issue.

"Good luck to them, and I think the country is a lot more sexist and racist than some of us acknowledge," Toobin said. "But Michael, you could not be more right that [Trump] was talking to the Republican Party, and the Republican Party agrees with him overwhelmingly when he talks about women that way."

Toobin has been vocal in his opposition to whatever nominee Trump put forward since Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, bemoaning conservative judicial views, fretting Roe v. Wade was doomed, and praising Democrats for fighting Kavanaugh at earlier confirmation hearings.