Brett Kavanaugh

Admit It, Sexual Assault Allegations Are More Credible When They’re Against Republicans

On March 25, Tara Reade accused former vice president Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993. Imagine if, instead of airing the allegation on a podcast, Reade had sent an anonymous letter to a leading Republican senator. Imagine if the reporters couldn't track down a single person who recalled Reade telling them about the assault around the time it was alleged to have occurred. How would the New York Times cover the story? Would it cover the story at all?

Sayonara, Keg Sweats! This Brett Kavanaugh-Inspired Pizza Looks Like The Perfect Hangover Cure

The 'pizza justice' makes his mark on the high court cafeteria

Brett Kavanaugh's official duties as the junior member of the Supreme Court include running the High Court's cafeteria. That's great news for ambitious young law clerks who love beer but don't want a pesky hangover to get in the way of their own duties advising the justices and/or babysitting Ruth Bader Ginsburg.