Alex Jones Backs Rand for 2016

Rand Paul, Alex Jones
Rand Paul, Alex Jones / AP, Wikimedia Commons
• January 14, 2015 5:24 pm


Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones endorsed Sen. Rand Paul’s likely presidential bid during his radio program on Tuesday.

"Rand Paul is the best," said Jones after interviewing Paul’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul. "I trust him, I’ve known him for 18, 19 years, and he’s the guy for president."

Jones added that he liked Ted Cruz, but thought he would be a better choice for vice president. He said Cruz was rising in the polls "because he’s being aggressive [in going after other Republicans], it’s what people want."

He also asked Ron Paul to pass on some advice to his son.

"Please say to Rand, it’s just my layman advice, do what Ted Cruz is doing attacking Jeb Bush and attacking Romney as squishy liberals," said Jones.

Paul told Jones that his son was doing "quite well" until recently, when the media decided to start focusing on Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney’s potential candidacies in order to undermine Rand Paul.

"They know how to handle it in the public if they think you’re doing too well, they don’t want you to succeed," said Paul.

The former congressman is a regular guest on Jones’s radio show. Rand Paul has also appeared on the program, but has not made an appearance since joining the Senate. During Rand Paul’s last appearance in 2010, he promoted conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg group.

In 2007, Rand Paul told Jones that a nuclear Iran was not a threat to the United States or Israel.

"Even our own intelligence community consensus opinion now is that they’re not a threat. Like my dad [Rep. Ron Paul] says, [the Iranians] don’t have an Air Force, they don’t have a Navy," he said.

"It’s not even that viable to say they’re a national threat to Israel," Paul added. "Most people say Israel has 100 nuclear weapons, you know."