Nuclear Weapons

Iran Caught Stockpiling Enriched Uranium Needed for Bomb

Nuclear watchdog: Tehran 3.5 months away from weapon

A general view of a heavy water plant inThe United States has evidence that Iran is stockpiling enriched uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, in direct violation of international restrictions on Tehran’s use of the fissile material.

IAEA: Iran Engaged in Secret Nuclear Work

U.N. reprimands Tehran amid ongoing nuclear ramp-up, development of missiles

A general view of a heavy water plant inIran engaged in secretive nuclear work that breached international accords as recently as 2019, according to nuclear inspectors who have been blocked from accessing these contested military sites.

Iran Blocks Access to Nuclear Sites, IAEA Says in New Report

Iran accelerates nuclear program in violation of international accords

A general view of a heavy water plant inIran is blocking international access to critical nuclear sites and has quickened the pace of its uranium enrichment program, shortening the time it would take the country to build a nuclear weapon, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and U.S experts.

Intel: Iran Sought Nuclear Weapons Tech as Recently as 2018

Tehran warns U.S. of 'crushing' military response

Iranian president Hassan RouhaniIran sought to obtain illicit nuclear weapons technology as recently as 2018, according to new disclosures by German intelligence that reveal how Tehran tapped black weapons markets without the knowledge of international nuclear inspectors tasked with performing oversight on the Islamic Republic's weapons sites as part of the landmark nuclear agreement.