Nuclear Weapons

Lawmakers Demand Trump Admin Nix Loopholes Permitting Iranian Nuke Work

Members petition administration to amp up international sanctions

A delegation of 50 members of Congress petitioned the Trump administration on Wednesday to cancel a series of sanctions waivers that have permitted Iran to continue its most contested nuclear research, including at a military site known to have housed the Islamic Republic's bomb program, according to a copy of the letter exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Iran, Afghanistan Ink Pact to Boost Nuke Production

Iran's President Hassan RouhaniIranian officials and their counterparts in Afghanistan announced on Tuesday that the countries would be expanding their joint nuclear work, including ventures in atomic energy, according to the Tehran’s state-controlled press.

DIA: China Doubling Nuclear Warhead Arsenal

Russia building burrowing nuclear warhead U.S. abandoned in 2005

DIA Director Army Lt. Gen. Robert P. AshleyChina is rapidly expanding its nuclear forces with new missiles, submarines, and bombers and will double its warhead stockpile in the coming decade, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said this week.

Iran Will Restart Contested Nuclear Work Unless Cash ‘Demands Are Met’

Tehran will keep violating nuclear accord until banking, oil rights restored

Iranian President Hassan RouhaniTop Iranian leaders issued a series of warnings on Tuesday, telling world leaders it is on the brink of restarting a significant portion of its most contested nuclear work, including the enrichment of uranium to prohibited levels that could be used as part of a weapons program.

Cleric: Muslims ‘Have a Duty’ to Obtain Nuclear Weapons

Israel flag burningA leading Muslim cleric said that adherents to the faith across the globe have a religious duty to build nuclear weapons to combat Israelis and Jews, according to a translation of his recent remarks broadcast on a television station controlled by the terrorist group Hamas.

Congress Won’t Fund Nuclear Weapons Treaty Unless China, Russia Put in Crosshairs

Bill would halt funding for New START Treaty until China, Russia threats addressed

The dome of the US Capitol provides a baCongress is moving to halt funding for a global nuclear arms pact until the Trump administration assures lawmakers that China and Russia will be held accountable for a massive expansion in their nuclear arsenals, according to a copy of the new legislation viewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

China’s Great Nuclear Wall

Essay: Beijing's opaque approach to arms control obscures the growing threat of its nuclear arsenal

When it comes to nuclear arms control, China is great at playing hard to get. Beijing is the elusive beauty, a difficult but attractive target for those who seek nuclear disarmament. Powerful yet mysterious, shrouding its nuclear program in a haze of opacity, the Chinese government never actually gives its pursuers what they want. And China knows that only makes them more interested. Indeed, Beijing leads on its suitors with seductive promises of reducing its arsenal of nuclear weapons, only to demand more in return from other states before taking any steps. And then the cycle begins anew, with no fewer nuclear weapons in China.