These True Facts About Democratic Voters Will Shock You

• July 20, 2020 2:40 pm


Wajahat Ali would never have become a New York Times contributing writer and failed CNN personality if he didn't possess a keen scientific insight into the minds of Republican voters. Occasionally, Ali shares that insight on Twitter.

"There are many white Republican voters in this country if they're given a choice between renting a room in their house to a person of color or burning down the house, they will elect to burn down the entire neighborhood," Ali tweeted over the weekend. "It's not just a small fringe."

Sometimes the truth is shocking and difficult to accept. Ali was viciously attacked for his expert analysis on Republican voters, yet his critics could not offer a single piece of scientific evidence to refute him. It was just the latest example of a growing threat to the personal safety of media pundits: being criticized by non-blue-check accounts on Twitter.

The following facts about Democratic voters, for example, are shocking and difficult to accept. They will probably be challenged by unverified Twitter users and other non-experts. But that doesn't make them any less true.

  • Most Democratic voters in this country would rather watch their children be slowly dismembered by a trans woman of color than allow their children's lives to be saved by a Christian gun owner.
  • 85 percent of white Democrats who have publicly recommended White Fragility have not read the book; 100 percent of the ones who actually did read it would not have done so if they were unable to post about it on social media.
  • The vast majority of people who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 think it's "mostly true" that Jeffrey Epstein's financial support for Democratic causes cancels out all of his crimes.
  • Most Democratic voters are disappointed Barack Obama didn't turn out to be a secret Muslim and cite "the unlawful assassination of Osama bin Laden" as the biggest mistake of his presidency.
  • Most Democratic voters "strongly agree" that orchestrating a hate crime hoax is an effective way to combat bigotry in society.
  • Most Democratic voters would prefer to be murdered by an illegal immigrant and come back as a ghost to haunt the police who arrested their killer.
  • Two-thirds of white Democratic voters have Googled the phrase "Coexist bumper sticker without cross and Jew symbol." More than half have Googled "how to oppose affordable-housing development without being racist." About a third have Googled "how to make my son gay."
  • Every single Elizabeth Warren voter has at least one item in their household with the phrase, "It's Wine O'Clock, Bitches!" More than 75 percent of Pete Buttigieg voters have updated their wills to include a request that "High Hopes" be played at their funerals.