OBL Movie Stars Keep Mum

Actors involved in the new movie detailing the Osama bin Laden raid are refusing to take questions from the media. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

As the cast of Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama bin Laden movie began arriving home from Jordan this month, many were peppered with questions about the top-secret project. "I can’t talk about that," castmember Mark Duplass said at a June 13 event when asked which character he plays. "I am contractually signed to be quiet."

The Obama administration has grappled with accusations that it has orchestrated a series of national security leaks and granted access to movie producers to improve the president’s image as a tough leader.

Earlier this month, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta -- who himself met with [screenwriter Mark] Boal -- was asked at a congressional hearing if classified information was turned over. "No unauthorized disclosures were provided to movie producers or anybody else," he responded, adding that his team would cooperate with a review ordered by Republican Rep. Peter King of New York.

Sony and the filmmakers continue to dispute that Bigelow's movie is a love letter to President Obama in the midst of his reelection bid. "There is no political agenda, or partisanship," one insider close to the production said.

But Judicial Watch director Tom Fitton tells THR he remains concerned that Boal and Bigelow were given the name of a SEAL commander involved with the raid on bin Laden, vowing to press for the release of additional CIA documents. Says Fitton, "This was atypical access."

The film was originally set to release before the November election, but Bigelow pushed the date back to December after being accused of political favoritism.