Progressive Movement

Corporate Shakedown

Shareholder activists driving liberal shift of American business

American businesses are adopting increasingly liberal policies and public stances due to pressure from progressive activists within corporate America, rather than social media outrage cycle, according to corporate watchdogs.  

Dem Donors Choose Schiff

California Rep's fundraising haul points to Senate run

Rep. Adam Schiff (D. Calif.) is amassing one of the largest campaign war chests in all of Congress, new tallies from second quarter fundraising documents show.

Pressley’s PAC Will Support Primary Challengers

Announcement comes as Pressley has criticized the DCCC’s incumbent protection policy

Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D., Mass.) is set to launch a political action committee that she says will support progressive challengers to incumbent House Democrats.

The Latest Progressive Assault on Israel

The attack failed, but it may succeed next time

Make no mistake: at the California Democratic Party's state convention over the weekend, progressives advocated the destruction of Israel, trying to make the Jewish state's demise a stated principle of the party.