MSNBC Analyzes Terrorism

July 18, 2016

MSNBC's terrorism analysts seem to have a pattern of skewing toward excuse-making and America- and Israel-bashing, a new SuperCut shows.

It's common practice to wonder deeply about motives in terrorism cases or give humorous excuses for it, such as when analyst Malcolm Nance described the San Bernardino massacre as perhaps a "hybrid act of terrorism-slash-workplace violence." The couple responsible for that slaughter pledged allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist organization.

After ISIS attacked the Brussels airport in March, MSNBC analyst Evan Kohlmann placed some of the onus on Belgian society for not properly integrating Muslims there.

"Why is it that Muslims and other immigrants in Belgian have such problem integrating with local society? Why is it that they do not feel like they are Belgian?" he asked. "Why is it that they are ghettoized into these communities?"

Frequent Arab-American guest Linda Sarsour enjoys making brazen and baseless claims about the treatment of Muslims, such as charging that Republicans want to "mass murder civilians across the world" to defeat ISIS and saying there were Muslim "kids being executed" in the U.S.

MSNBC's coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has also seen its share of highlights.

Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal railed on MSNBC during the Gaza War in 2014 that the press was "disgustingly biased" in favor of the Israelis, a ludicrous claim that was rebuffed by national security writer Eli Lake. Jebreal whined about how much air time "Netanyahu and his folks" had on the air.

NBC foreign affairs reporter Ayman Mohyeldin argued in 2015 that "to try to understand this current cycle of violence, one of the reasons Palestinians will always say is the humiliation and frustration that the young people are experiencing."

The reporter has also referred to late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle as someone with "racist tendencies" who went on "killing sprees" in Iraq, in addition to saying that he couldn't choose whether radical Islam, radical Christianity or radical Judaism was the biggest threat to the world.

He did take that opportunity, like President Obama, to deliver a lecture about the Crusades.

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