Media, Former Democratic Officials Blast Trump's 'Dark' U.N. Address

September 20, 2017

President Donald Trump's United Nations General Assembly speech Tuesday was well-received in Republican circles, but media members and former Democratic officials had harsh words.

CNN analyst David Gregory called Trump's remarks "frightening," specifically in regards to comments that the United States, if forced to defend itself, would destroy North Korea. ABC reporter Terry Moran said the comment bordered on the threat to commit "a war crime."

Former State Department spokesman John Kirby said Trump was a "preacher" rather than a president, giving his "dark world view," and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell said the speech was more befitting of a campaign address with its "bombastic" tone that was unfit for the assembly hall.

MSNBC host Brian Williams heard Trump's repeated use of the term "sovereign" and "sovereignty" and wondered if the term was a "dogwhistle" of some kind. Several reporters also said its "dark" tone was reminiscent of Trump's inaugural address that mentioned "American carnage."

Former Democratic administration officials also had harsh words for Trump's address. Barack Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice said it was "internally inconsistent," and "full of bombast and threats." Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served in the Bill Clinton administration, said the tone was "really bad," and the speech "weakened America."

Former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon and former Bill Clinton flack Paul Begala both said Trump's speech was "incoherent."

Trump's speech also addressed Cuba, the crisis in Venezuela, and Iran's nuclear ambitions.