CAIR Executive Director Calls for 'Murderous' Israeli Leadership to Be 'Terminated'

Hussam Ayloush / Twitter
November 28, 2018

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Los Angeles said in a tweet on Sunday that the "murderous regimes" of both Iran and Israel should be "terminated."

Hussam Ayloush linked to a story about Iranian President Hassan Rouhani calling Israel a "cancerous tumor" in the Middle East and wrote, "Iran's regime calling Israel a 'cancerous tumor' is like the pot calling the kettle black. All the people of that region will be better off once both murderous regimes are terminated."

CAIR is a Muslim advocacy group with ties to extremist and terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

While Iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism that continues to be monitored for severe human rights violations, Israel is a liberal democracy. Ayloush is a fierce critic of Israel who has compared its treatment of Palestinians to apartheid.

When criticized for his tweet by someone who claimed she was about to join CAIR, Ayloush didn't back off.

Ayloush is no stranger to controversial remarks about Israel, previously comparing Jewish Americans who volunteer to fight in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to Muslim extremists who join terrorist organizations.

"You know how many hundreds of Jewish American kids are recruited to join the Israeli occupation army? Hundreds. Every year," he said in April. "They leave their country, leave America, to go join with an army that is engaged, with no debate [sic], in major violations of human rights, and maybe some would argue, and I’m one of them, war crimes. And yet people in America leave this country and go there. No one has ever established a CVE program to see, why would normal Jewish American kids leave their home and join to be part of an army committing war crimes. Why? But none of that is happening. They go to the American Muslim community, although again and again we’ve seen the numbers of Muslims who join extremist terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda is very, very, very, very tiny. Very tiny."

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