2021 Man of the Year: Kenosha Cop Who Arrested Jury-Stalking MSNBC Producer

• December 29, 2021 10:00 am


When politicians misbehave, our nation's journalists are supposed to hold them accountable. At least in theory. In practice, most journalists are degenerate libs who want Democrats to win at all costs. They're the ones who need to be held accountable for assaulting our democracy.

For that reason, we must honor the nameless Kenosha police officer who arrested an MSNBC producer for stalking the jury members who would ultimately vote, correctly, to acquit Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges. This officer's watchful eye and swift administration of justice would compel another Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year, Judge Bruce Schroeder, to permanently ban MSNBC employees from his courtroom.

If the journalists got their way, the police would be defunded and all juries would be comprised of Ivy League re-educated soy children who adore Ta-Nehisi Coates and have read the 1619 Project in its entirety, or at least skimmed enough headlines to know that its critics are racist and Kyle Rittenhouse is definitely guilty of crossing state lines to murder an entire neighborhood of Black and Latinx immigrants with a fully automatic rocket launcher. In other words, a bunch of self-righteous f—ing idiots. The American justice system as we know it would cease to exist.

Not since Wesley Lowery's career-making arrest at a McDonald's in Ferguson, Mo., has local law enforcement acted so valiantly to protect the public from malicious coastal élites posing as guardians of the First Amendment. For your service on the front lines of war for the very soul of our nation’s democracy, you are a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year, courageous Kenosha police officer. Stay vigilant, silent hero. The journalists will stop at nothing.

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