2022 Men of the Year: The Jews

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu / Getty Images
December 30, 2022

On Oct. 8, Kanye West went on Twitter and issued a declaration of war against "the Jews."

"I’m a bit sleepy tonight," he wrote. "But when I wake up I’m going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE."

The backlash was immediate. Within 24 hours, the Nazi-loving rapper lost over $1 billion in sponsorships, in the swiftest defeat of an enemy of the Jewish people since the Arab armies lost the Six Day War.

It was a massive downfall for the rapper, who went from dating supermodel Irina Shayk last year to palling around with a Hitler Youth cosplayer and creeping out Alex Jones.

Kanye wasn’t the only public figure to peddle vile anti-Semitism this year. As the Washington Free Beacon has documented, there has been a disturbing surge in anti-Jewish bigotry, from top universities and celebrities to public officials. Attacks against Jews are at a record high in the United States, with horrific acts of violence reported daily.

But even in the face of these challenges, Jews around the world brushed their shoulders off and continued to achieve excellence in 2022, proving yet again that haters can’t keep the Tribe down.

In Ukraine, Zelensky has held off the entire Russian army since February while still looking great on the cover of Vogue. Doja Cat crushed it at the Grammys. Two Jewish economists picked up Nobel Prizes. Jerry Bruckheimer got another blockbuster with Top Gun: Maverick, a Jewish journalist broke the biggest news story of the year, and scientists in the Jewish state are on the cusp of curing diabetes, brain tumors and world hunger.

For defying anti-Semitic losers while continuing to make monumental contributions across the globe, the Jews are Washington Free Beacon Men of the Year.