2018 Man of the Year: Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney / Getty Images
December 25, 2018

Dick Cheney has had a hell of a year.

I mean, it's not every year an Oscar-caliber filmmaker churns out a hagiographic retelling of your origin story—a film that makes you look like a superhero in our world of men. I bet our greatest living Vice President never imagined that Batman himself would portray him on the big screen for all of our entertainment.

Even more thrilling than that was Darth Vader's encounter with the merry prankster of the film world, Sacha Baron Cohen. While filming a segment for Cohen's show "Who Is America?"—which received disastrously low ratings, given the lack of interest in Cohen's tired shtick—Cheney was presented with a homemade waterboarding kit by Cohen, who had adopted a disguise for the bit.

Undaunted and undeterred, Cheney accepted the kit, grabbed a Sharpie, and signed it.

The left, naturally, thought they had caught Cheney in some kind of mistake. They thought they had him right where they wanted him. But what they seem to have forgotten is that Dick Cheney shot a man right in the face—and that man apologized to Cheney for the inconvenience he caused. You think Cheney cares about their taunts and jibes? Their discomfort with the fact that he kept them safe after 9/11?

You think he wasn't trolling the trolls by applying pen to plastic jug?

For refusing to blink in the face of comedic terror, Dick Cheney is once again a Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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