2016 Man of the Year: Greig Tontines

kangaroo punch
December 28, 2016

Kangaroos can be nasty creatures. When Max the hunting dog found himself in a headlock by an aggressive 'roo, his owner took matters into his own hands—or, rather, fists.

Greig Tontines is an elephant keeper in Australia who was on a pig hunting trip with a few other men because one, Kailem Barwick, made it his dying wish. In the pursuit of a pig called a, "tonner," one which weighs at least 100 kgs., Tontines’ dog Max went missing.

In the video of the incident, which has been shared around the world, Tontines and the hunting party spot Max in the grasp of a kangaroo. Tontines instantly leaps out of the jeep and runs toward the kangaroo. Max can’t move a muscle, while the kangaroo watches Tontines approach. After a couple of seconds, the kangaroo lets Max go so he can just focus its attention on Tontines.

The 6’ 6" Tontines is in a stare-down with the 'roo which appears to be as large as him. The two square off, dance around a bit with the kangaroo getting closer. Suddenly, Tontines throws a hard punch right at the dog-assaulting kangaroo's face. The 'roo throws his arms straight up in the air and looks at Tontines, stunned.

It appeared that if Tontines had waited a second more, the kangaroo would have kicked up his feet to do some serious damage. Male kangaroos "box" with the fightings involving both their hands and kicks with both feet. If the animal had attacked, Tontines could have been killed.

The Daily Mail Australia was able to talk to one of the men on the trip.

"He only threw the punch to redirect the animal and afterwards there were a few nervous and relieved laughs, and then we just went on with getting Kailem a tonner," the man said.

So, if you ever find man’s best friend deadlocked like Tontines did, be a badass like him and punch the roo in the face.

To make matters even better, some wildlife advocates are mad at Tontines for punching the roo, even though his dog and his own life were in jeopardy. The zoo at which Tontines works will not fire Tontines.

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