2016 Man of the Year: Alan Sorrentino

yoga pants
December 31, 2016

Alan Sorrentino was exercising his God-given right to submit an irrationally angry letter to the editor when he became the ire of a social media firestorm. The target of his now-infamous letter? Yoga pants.

Yes, Mr. Sorrentino penned a letter to his local Rhode Island newspaper in which he called the proliferation of yoga pants the "absolute worst thing to ever happen" to women's fashion.

Penning prose that would make America's greatest writers blush, Sorrentino wrote "A nice pair of tailored slacks, jeans, or anything else would be better than those stinky, tacky, ridiculous looking yoga pants."

The main complaint of his letter regarded women over 20-years-old wearing yoga pants and equated it to him wearing a speedo to the supermarket.

Sorrentino's letter caused an uproar among women who enjoy wearing the spandex-like material.

In what kind be only seen as an ironic twist of fate, Sorrentino was subjected to a "Peaceful Pants Party" in front of his house.

A crowd of hundreds of women paraded past his house wearing yoga pants to celebrate their ability to wear yoga pants.

One man's dream is another man's nightmare. While many men would lavish the opportunity to have women parading around their house in yoga pants, Sorrentino did not. He reported that he received death threats from yoga-pants wearing supporters after his op-ed received national attention.

2016 was filled with ups and downs and Sorrentino embodies how quickly one's opinion can be turned around and spit out by the Internet outrage machine.

Notably, after his op-ed went viral Sorrentino clarified his views on yoga pants. "You do see some sights when people put them on," he said.

In these divided times, Sorrentino receives our Man of the Year award for providing American men with an opinion they all can agree upon.

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