2015 Man of the Year: Robert Valentine

Robert Valentine
December 31, 2015

In the violent evenings of the Baltimore riots one man stood up and told the youths to go home and study. That man was Robert Valentine, Vietnam Vet and scourge to ruffians everywhere.

CNN’s Joe Johns found Valentine standing in the street in front of a line of police officers. Valentine told Johns that he was angry about what the protestors were doing to the Charm City. Johns asked Valentine if he feared for his safety to which he responded, "I’m just a soldier."

Prior to Johns coming up to this hero, Valentine had told a gang of people to go home. Valentine called the riots not relevant and said that he had already been through the riots.

"They need to have their butts at home. They need to have their home units studying and doing something with their life. Not out here protesting about something that’s not really about nothing. They do not respect this young man’s death," Valentine said.

The riots were in protest of the death of Freddie Gray.

"Now, momma and daddy lost a child—that could be them. So I’m very pissed. I love my country. I love my Charm City and I’m an American. I’m not black, red, yellow, nothing… I’m an American," Valentine said.

Valentine closed out his interview by saying that he cared about his community. And for that, Robert Valentine is a Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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