2015 Man of the Year: Matthew Boyle

Matt Boyle, Donald Trump
Matt Boyle interviews Donald Trump / Facebook
December 28, 2015

It is practically impossible to overstate the significance of Matthew Boyle’s achievement in the field of online investigative journalism. The recently anointed Washington political editor of has, through his intrepid reporting strung together with pugnaciously crafted prose, taken a longspear to the barnacle-encrusted underbelly of the permanent political establishment.

It is certainly true that anyone tasked with compiling a list of the heroes who exhibited great courage during a given year will inevitably find that list littered with the names of journalists and pundits. Even so, Mr. Boyle belongs at the tippy top of that list, and his prominence will only increase should Republican frontrunner Donald Trump secure the presidency in a landslide victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, an outcome many of the most prominent non-mainstream experts consider to be all but inevitable.

Mr. Boyle, 28, has commandeered a direct line into The Donald’s brain, and has been able to explain the candidate’s worldview to the average American voter in a way that the emaciated geeks at could only dream of doing. Few mainstream reporters can count Mr. Trump among their personal cell phone contacts, but Boyle can. Even fewer share The Donald’s "pudgy, rumpled, and baby-faced" exterior and incessant drive to win. "I’m highly caffeinated at all times," Boyle declared in a recent interview with the Daily Beast. He rarely sleeps, and is "possessed of a manic energy fueled by Marlboro Lights and Mountain Dew."

The exclusive scoops Mr. Boyle bylined in 2015 are too numerous to recount in this space. His fearless reporting brought to light some of the darkest secrets that the Beltway Bobos in the permanent political establishment have for years—if not decades—sought to conceal from regular Americans. Mr. Boyle served in the trenches on the front lines of the grassroots insurgency to defeat amnesty. He led the fight to almost defund Obamacare, and (with the help of Mr. Trump) exposed left-wing cat-meme blogger McKay Coppins for the leering Mormon "scumbag" that he really is.

Mr. Boyle was the Cam Newton of journalism in 2015. That scary thing? Like Ace Boogie, the dabbin’ Carolina Panther quarterback, Ace Boyle is just getting started.

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