We Have Proof Hamas Uses Hospitals for Terror. But You Wouldn't Know It From These Headlines.

Israeli soldiers at the Al Shifa hospital complex (Reuters)
November 15, 2023

Hamas has denied that it hides its terrorist operations in and around hospitals in the Gaza Strip. News outlets have had to weigh that denial against growing evidence that Hamas is lying.

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday released footage of what it said were Hamas weapons found inside Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital during a raid of the medical center. The White House on Tuesday said that U.S. intelligence shows Hamas uses Al Shifa and other Gaza hospitals "to conceal and to support their military operations and to hold hostages." The IDF on Monday gave CNN an on-air tour of the basement of Gaza children's hospital that was full of weapons and signs that Israeli civilians had recently been held hostage there, including a pacifier and diapers.

Faced with this evidence, and much more like it, outlets have repeatedly suggested that Israel is responsible for the crisis at Gaza's hospitals—failing to mention in tweets and headlines that Hamas is apparently using the patients as "human shields." It's part of mainstream media's stubborn insistence on taking seriously claims by Hamas, a terrorist group that has lied about slaughtering babies and other civilians.

The Times of Israel, an English-language outlet based in Jerusalem, on Wednesday showed a different way to write a headline about Israel's raid of the Al Shifa Hospital.

But mainstream media have long accepted Hamas's attempts to blame Israel for Palestinian terrorism—even including the Oct. 7 attack that drew Israel into the Gaza war.