CNN Reporter: Anyone Who Cares About Planet Won't Vote for Trump

July 14, 2020

CNN chief climate correspondent Bill Weir said Tuesday that anyone who cares about the "state of the planet" would choose a "loaf of bread" over President Donald Trump.

"Well, it’s interesting. Anybody who cares about air and water and animals and the state of the planet will probably vote for a loaf of bread over Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton's biggest mistake, she admits back in 2016, was saying, 'We're going to put coal mines out of business,'" Weir said.

Weir said presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden's newly released climate plan, in contrast to Clinton's, was linked to job creation. Biden, in a shift to the left since the Democratic primary, has called for a $2 trillion investment in clean energies over four years and a carbon-free power grid by 2035.

"[Biden is] pinning this all on jobs.... He's saying, 'Imagine all the engineers, all the welders, all the frackers that we could move into building us windmills and solar panels and all these things,'" Weir said. "So he's really turning this into not an 'I have a nightmare' speech, it's 'I have a dream' speech there. And it's a lot more ambitious than where he started."