CNN Anchor Calls Florida Gov. DeSantis an 'Ass'

January 5, 2021

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar called Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R.) an "ass" on Tuesday after he sparred with a reporter about his state's vaccine distribution.

Referring to CNN reporter Rosa Flores as a "tireless questioner" of DeSantis, Keilar said that the governor's spat with Flores at a press conference may have been a way to cover up for his own leadership failures.

"Florida has had a number of issues with its coronavirus response, which might be part of the reason why he was being such an ass, instead of just answering your question," Keilar said.

Flores told CNN earlier that DeSantis "wouldn't even let me finish asking my question," but video of the press conference shows Flores interrupting the governor multiple times as he tried to respond to her initial question.

"Excuse me, excuse me, you just said, ‘What has gone wrong?’ so I’m answering the question," DeSantis replied. Flores interjected, saying she had not finished.

Flores went on to ask a second time what had gone wrong with vaccine distribution, noting that some seniors in the state had to wait in long lines. DeSantis said the state would not dictate how hospitals distribute the vaccine, and he criticized Flores for not doing her own research on the situation.

DeSantis became a target for many members of the media during the coronavirus pandemic, as journalists criticized his relatively hands-off response. They have contrasted his approach to Democratic governors, such as Andrew Cuomo (N.Y.) and Gavin Newsom (Calif.), who have imposed stricter measures.