WATCH: Biden Tells Voters 'I Work for the Government in the Senate'

January 12, 2024

President Joe Biden told Pennsylvanians on Friday that he works for the government in the Senate, a comment likely to fuel concerns about the gaffe-prone president's mental fitness.

"My name's Joe Biden. I work for the government in the Senate," said the 81-year-old president as he met employees at a coffee shop in the Keystone State.

Biden, the oldest president in American history, represented Delaware in Congress's upper chamber from 1973 until 2009, when he left to serve as President Barack Obama's vice president.

The president and his team have attempted to counter claims that he is too old to serve a second term as the chief executive. First lady Jill Biden said in an interview released Thursday that her husband's age is an "asset."

Voters still have concerns, however. A Tuesday poll saw former president Donald Trump crush Biden in Michigan by 8 points, with 17 percent of respondents saying Biden did not deserve a second term, many citing his age and level of competence.

In late August, an Associated Press poll found that 77 percent of American adults believed Biden was too old to serve again, and a survey the Wall Street Journal released a week later found that 73 percent of registered voters felt similarly.