Americans Overwhelmingly Agree Biden Is Too Old To Be President for 4 More Years, Poll Finds

(Jonathan Ernst/REUTERS)
August 28, 2023

Over three-quarters of American adults believe that Joe Biden is too old to serve another term as president, a recent poll found.

Seventy-seven percent of respondents said Biden’s advanced age renders him unable to "effectively serve" for another four years, according to an AP-NORC poll released Monday.

Party affiliation played a role in how voters responded, as 89 percent of Republicans said Biden was too old to serve. However, over two-thirds of Democrats said the same, with 69 percent saying Biden was too old.

While a majority of voters have long expressed doubts about Biden’s age and mental fitness for a second term, the numbers have risen significantly over the course of his presidency, particularly among Democratic voters.

Many liberal pundits, and even Democratic politicians, have wavered in their support for Biden as the 2024 election draws closer. A NBC News survey released earlier this year found that 51 percent of Democrats did not want Biden to seek a second term.

While Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee, is only three years younger than Biden, substantially fewer voters believe his age makes him unfit to serve. Only 51 percent of voters said he is too old, with results falling squarely along partisan lines.