CNN's Ratings Hit Rock Bottom

September 20, 2023

CNN hit its lowest ratings on record in a key demographic last weekend, the latest sign of trouble at the news organization.

The channel's rating hit a record low over the weekend in the 25- to 54-year-old demographic, earning just 55,000 viewers for its programming. The ratings are the worst since at least 1991, according to Nielsen ratings data reported by the New York Post.

Fox News performed best in the demographic, at 75,000 viewers, while MSNBC pulled the worst total at 47,000. Overall viewership for CNN was 345,000 viewers, far behind Fox News's 683,000 viewers.

The poor ratings come months after the network's former CEO Chris Licht stepped down after receiving internal backlash for his efforts to make the channel less partisan. Several of the network's stars were fired or quit during Licht's tenure, including Don Lemon, Jeffrey Toobin, and Brian Stelter.

Rep. Ken Buck (R., Colo.), a vocal critic of his party's impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, told the New York Post he's seeking employment at the failing news outlet.

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