In Memoriam: Don Lemon's CNN Career (2006-2023)

Another obnoxious hack gets the ax at once-respected network

April 24, 2023

CNN fired another partisan hack on Monday. Longtime network host Don Lemon, denounced by current and former colleagues as a belligerent misogynist, claimed he was blindsided by the news. CNN said that was a lie.

Lemon had been under fire for some time, but his hot seat got even hotter in February when he suggested GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, 51, was past her prime for a woman.

FACT CHECK: CNN's Don Lemon Says Nikki Haley 'Isn't in Her Prime'

The alleged misogynist's 17-year tenure at CNN was not particularly memorable from a journalistic perspective. However, there were a handful of ridiculous moments worth highlighting in order to properly eulogize his failed career.

In addition to Lemon, CNN has parted ways with several obnoxious hacks over the past several months under new CEO Chris Licht, including John Harwood, Brian Stelter, and Jeffrey Toobin, who remained employed by the network for almost two years after masturbating in front of colleagues on a Zoom call.


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