Stelter's Revenge: Chris Licht Tried To Make CNN Less Partisan. It Cost Him His Job.

Free Beacon Man of the Year forced out after 12 months

Former CNN CEO Chris Licht (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery)
June 7, 2023

What happened: CNN boss Chris Licht is stepping down roughly a year after taking over for Jeff Zucker.

• Licht is leaving CNN amid the "near-total decimation of staff morale" following his Sisyphean attempts to reform the network by cracking down on shamelessly partisan journalism.

Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, John Harwood, and public masturbator Jeffrey Toobin were among the partisan hacks Licht fired during his brief tenure as CNN chairman and CEO.

• CNN executive Amy Entelis, a 72-year-old graduate of Vassar College, will serve as the network's interim leader.

What they're saying: "In the eyes of so many at CNN, there isn't anything Licht can do at this point to win over their support. They've hit the wall with him," CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy said on Tuesday.

Context: Darcy was "visibly shaken" last month after Licht reportedly berated him for being too "emotional" in his coverage.

• The outburst occurred following CNN's town hall event with former president Donald Trump, a desperate attempt to boost the network's horrendously low ratings.

• CNN journalists and other liberals were outraged at network leadership for giving Trump a platform to unleash "a firehose of disinformation" and imperil the sanctity of American democracy or whatever. "It's hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies," Darcy wrote, emotionally.

Why it matters: CNN's shamelessly partisan journalists will continue to produce the shamelessly partisan content its shamelessly partisan viewers crave. They will hysterically denounce Trump as a threat to democracy while doing everything in their power to ensure he wins the Republican nomination in 2024.

Fun fact: Licht was honored as a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year in 2022.