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The Very Invisible Republican Primary

Column: Trump wins if Republican challengers don't make a case against him

May 12, 2023

America Rejects Trans Ideology, WaPo Poll Finds

Nearly 70 percent oppose giving puberty blockers to children, nearly 80 percent support Ron DeSantis's position on transgenderism

May 5, 2023

Is RFK Jr a Problem for Biden?

Kennedy campaign has 'surprising strength,' poll shows

April 20, 2023

Biden's Hardline Debt Ceiling Stance Unpopular in Swing Districts, Poll Finds

McCarthy-aligned PAC finds half of swing voters oppose debt ceiling raise without spending cuts

April 18, 2023

Americans Aren't Sold on Electric Cars. Biden Wants to Force Automakers to Sell Them Anyway.

Just 19 percent say they're 'very likely' to buy an EV as Biden pushes rule that would make them commonplace

April 11, 2023