Trump on Health Care Bill Failure: We Were Let Down by 'A Few Republicans,' Now 'Let Obamacare Fail'

Getty Images
July 18, 2017

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning on the collapse of the Senate Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, saying "we were let down" by all the Democrats and a "few Republicans" and it was time to "let Obamacare fail."

Sens. Mike Lee (R., Utah) and Jerry Moran (R., Kan.) announced their opposition to the measure on Monday night, joining Sens. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) and Susan Collins (R., Maine) as GOP defectors that left the Republicans two votes short of the 50 they needed.

Trump, who had expressed confidence in the bill's passage as late as Monday afternoon, tweeted that night that Congress should simply repeal Obamacare and then work on a new health care plan.

He then took a shot at the Republicans who opposed the bill, promising, "we will return."

"We were let down by all of the Democrats and a few Republicans. Most Republicans were loyal, terrific & worked really hard. We will return!" he wrote.

In the next tweet, he wrote, "As I have always said, let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan. Stay tuned!"

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) announced Monday that the Senate would vote on a repeal of Obamacare, with two years before it went into place to allow time to write a new health care law to replace it. Several moderate Republicans have already expressed opposition to a repeal plan without an immediate replacement, however.