Mike Lee

Making Sense of the New American Right

Column: Keeping track of the Jacksonians, Reformicons, Paleos, and Post-liberals

Cotton Rubio Lee HawleyI like to start my classes on conservative intellectual history by distinguishing between three groups. There is the Republican Party, with its millions of adherents and spectrum of opinion from very conservative, somewhat conservative, moderate, and yes, liberal. There is the conservative movement, the constellation of single-issue nonprofits that sprung up in the 1970s—gun rights, pro-life, taxpayer, right to work—and continue to influence elected officials. Finally, there is the conservative intellectual movement: writers, scholars, and wonks whose journalistic and political work deals mainly with ideas and, if we're lucky, their translation into public policy.

Ernst, Lee Announce Paid Family Leave Proposal

CRADLE Act would give new parents paid time off out of Social Security funds

Sens. Joni Ernst (R., Iowa) and Mike Lee (R., Utah) fired their opening volley Tuesday in what is likely to be a spirited congressional debate about implementing paid family leave (PFL) across the United States.