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McConnell: Biden Ignored Military's Advice on Afghanistan

'It was pretty obvious to me what was going to happen' if Biden bucked military advice, Senate minority leader says

August 16, 2021

Report: Joe Biden Won't Tolerate Disrespect for Mitch McConnell

"The president would have that person fired.”

February 4, 2021
President Trump And Sen. Mitch McConnell Address Media After Working Lunch

Republicans Meet With Senate Parliamentarian to Discuss Impeachment Timeline

Timeline will put Schumer in the spotlight, forcing him to choose whether to eat up time on legislative calendar

January 8, 2021

Gun Industry Mobilizes Against Proposed Regulation

A proposed regulation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms would be a gut punch to gun industry, sources say

December 22, 2020

WE'VE SEEN ENOUGH: Free Beacon Calls 2020 Election for Joe Biden

America's preeminent political authority has spoken

December 15, 2020