Mitch McConnell

The Never-Ending Impeachment

Column: Efforts to remove Trump didn't start with Ukraine. And won't end there.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi held on to the impeachment articles because she was waiting for her pens to arrive. The fancy commemorative ball points, featuring the speaker's name engraved in gold, that Pelosi gave to colleagues at Wednesday's engrossment ceremony quickly became the subject of mockery. Republicans saw them as emblematic of Democratic partisanship and triviality. "Nothing says seriousness and sobriety like handing out souvenirs," said Mitch McConnell. "As though this were a happy bill-signing instead of the gravest process in our Constitution."

Cocaine Mitch Drops Hemp-Filled B-Roll Montage for Supporters

For the first time since he set the Internet aflame with B-roll footage in 2014, the reelection campaign for Sen. Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) has dropped new footage to his supporters—this time filled exclusively with the longtime Republican leader shaking hands and hobnobbing with supporters in a large field of hemp.

How McConnell Outplayed Pelosi

Column: The Republican leader unified his caucus by relying on precedent

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellMitch McConnell was clear when he addressed the Senate December 18: Any impeachment trial of President Trump would follow the precedent established by the trial of President Clinton 20 years ago.

McConnell Challenger Drops Out Following Ethics Complaint

Kentucky radio host Matt Jones still won't endorse Dem Amy McGrath

Kentucky Democrat Matt Jones has ended his bid to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell following an ethics complaint, but the sports radio host still refuses to endorse his party's leading candidate, Amy McGrath.