Todd on Obama: ‘This Clearly is the Low of His Presidency Politically Right Now’

• November 15, 2013 8:28 am


NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd called the President Obama's current Obamacare woes "the low of his presidency politically" and that Obama could only hope the Democratic Party doesn't completely abandon him.

Todd said on MSNBC's Morning Joe that a source close to Obama told him they had never seen the president that cowed before, in public or in private.

"This is a moment that he hasn't experienced in national politics before, is the impression I was being given, and obviously we haven't seen that from him in the national stage like that before," Todd said. "This clearly is the low of his presidency politically right now, and I think the way — I mean we obviously see in the polls — but the way he feels as his ability to lead the party or frankly, you know, hope that the party doesn't abandon him right now in this moment."

From the woes of the website to the news that Obama broke his repeated promise that anyone keeping their health insurance if they liked it under Obamacare, it has been an extremely difficult month for the White House. His approval rating has plummeted into the 30s in several polls, and his trustworthiness levels are underwater as well.

[H/T Mediaite]

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