Hillary Clinton's Charitable Giving Dipped by Millions in 2016

Clintons did not give money from personal family foundation to Clinton Foundation for first time in years

Hillary Clinton / Getty Images
July 14, 2017

The charitable giving of failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton fell by millions of dollars in 2016 because they did not pass money from their personal family foundation to the much larger Clinton Foundation for the first time in years, according to a review of the group's Form 990 by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Clinton Family Foundation, which is the charitable vehicle used by the Clintons for their personal giving, reported disbursements of just $395,000 to groups last year, a drastic decline from the $2,630,500 in 2015.

A major portion of the dip can be attributed to the fact that the Clintons did not pass money from the Clinton Family Foundation to the controversial Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton reported giving $1,042,000 to charity in 2015 on her income tax return. Of that amount, $1,000,000—or 96 percent—went to the Clinton Family Foundation. Once the money is parked in the Clinton Family Foundation, it is then disbursed to their charitable endeavors.

That year, the Clintons reported giving $2,630,500 in donations from the Clinton Family Foundation to other groups—$1.5 million (or 57 percent) of which was passed on to the Clinton Foundation, the Free Beacon previously reported. The remaining $1,130,500 in charitable giving went to groups such as Yale University, Georgetown University, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Hippy USA, a school readiness program.

But in 2016 the Clintons did not give money to the Clinton Foundation from their personal family foundation, accounting for a $1.5 million dip in giving from 2015.

The $395,000 the Clintons reported giving to groups in 2016 was also $735,000 less than they had given to places outside of the Clinton Foundation in 2015.

The largest contributions the Clintons made last year included a $100,000 donation to the Thea Foundation, an Arkansas-based children arts group, and a $75,000 contribution to the University of Arkansas. The Clintons gave $5,000 to the Clinton Birthplace Foundation in Arkansas.

The Clintons have passed more than $4 million from the personal foundation to the Clinton Foundation between 2007 and 2015, the Free Beacon previously reported.

The Clintons could not be reached for comment on the charitable giving.