Clinton Foundation

Clinton Charity Money Again Going to Clinton Foundation After Hiatus   

Nearly half of the Clintons' charitable donations last year went to the foundation after one-year break   

Hillary and Bill Clinton disbursed nearly half of their charitable giving last year to the Clinton Foundation after taking a one-year hiatus from pushing money to the entity, according to tax forms obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.    

Chelsea Clinton, Media Mislead on Free NARCAN Program Mentioned in Trump Speech

Exec: Clinton Foundation doesn't 'purchase the product, they don't distribute the product'

Despite claims from media outlets and Chelsea Clinton implying the contrary, a program to distribute free NARCAN to American high schools and colleges is not an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, according to a Tuesday interview with Mike Kelly, President of U.S. Operations for NARCAN distributor Adapt Pharma.

Rap Star Probed by DOJ for Political Donations is Clinton Foundation Donor

Fugees member Pras Michel gave $50k-$100k to Clintons, is tied to Malaysian fund suspected of embezzling billions

Rapper Pras MichelA rapper who is reportedly under investigation by the Justice Department for receiving $20 million from a Malaysian fund just before he emerged as a major donor to groups supporting former President Barack Obama is also a Clinton Foundation donor.