Democrats Cratering With Latinos, Poll Shows  

Hispanic voters by 9 percentage points back Republicans in midterms

President Biden and failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe / Getty Images
March 11, 2022

Hispanic voters by 9 percentage points will back Republicans in this November's midterm elections, a Wall Street Journal poll found.

More Latino respondents said they will back a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat, a shocking shift for a demographic group once considered reliably Democratic.

And Latinos aren't the only group where Democratic support has eroded. Black voters' support for Democrats has dropped by 21 points since November, while their support for Republicans has risen 15 points.

While this poll puts Democrats' problems with minority voters into stark relief, Hispanics' shift away from the party is nothing new. Hispanic support was crucial to Republican Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin's upset victory last year.

Democratic pollsters and operatives told Politico in January that the party takes Latinos for granted and is refusing to work for their vote. Even worse for Democrats, strategist Chuck Rocha said, party pooh-bahs still aren't "admitting there's a problem."

The Wall Street Journal poll found even more bad news for Biden and the Democrats. While voters give Biden mostly positive marks on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 57 percent are unhappy with his job performance. And Democrats' leads on education, the COVID-19 pandemic, and protecting the middle class have plummeted. 

The party's numbers on inflation and the economy, meanwhile, were abysmal. Sixty-five percent of respondents think the economy is "headed in the wrong direction" under Biden, and only 30 percent trust the Democrats to "get inflation under control."

Inflation and the economy are most voters' top issues, the poll found.