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Americans Hate Congress—Yet Reelected Every Senate Incumbent for First Time in a Century

Just one in five Americans say they approve of their representation in Congress

December 9, 2022

Chairwoman of Warnock's Church Sits on Board of Firm Accused of ‘Shamelessly Profiting’ Off Low-Income Tenants

Ebenezer Baptist Church under fire for evicting tenants from low-income apartment complex

December 1, 2022

'I Can Do Both': Dem Candidate Who Said He Could Both 'Troll' and Campaign Loses Race By 30 Points

Self-described 'internet troll' Kyle Parrish takes Election Day drubbing

November 16, 2022

'Vicious and Venomous': Raphael Warnock Says Critics of His Church's Evictions Are Attacking Jesus

Democrat lashes out as church's eviction scandal takes center stage in runoff battle

November 15, 2022

Aborted Run: Soros-Backed Candidate Loses Arizona DA Race, Blames 'Corruption'

Julie Gunnigle dismissed Free Beacon report that she partnered with abortion clinics that sold fetal organs

November 15, 2022

Ex-Wife Asks Court To Bring Warnock in for Questioning in Child Custody Battle

Move would allow lawyers to grill Warnock on unpaid child care expenses

November 15, 2022