WATCH: Stroke Victim John Fetterman Bumbles His Way Through Senate Debate

"Hi, goodnight everybody."

October 25, 2022

"Hi, goodnight everybody," Democratic stroke victim and candidate for U.S. Senate John Fetterman said Tuesday while introducing himself at the debate against his Republican opponent, Muslim entrepreneur Mehmet Oz.

It was a long night for Fetterman, who remains obviously impaired after suffering a stroke in May. He repeatedly struggled to speak in coherent sentences. The candidate, who has refused to release his medical records, insisted (without evidence) that he was perfectly healthy.

"My doctors, the real doctors that I believe, they all believe that I am ready to be served," said Fetterman, who wore a suit on the debate stage and looked incredibly awkward.

The Democratic candidate went on to attack Oz for getting "his Pennsylvania house from his own inlays from a dollar," and randomly accused him of wanting to "cut Social Security" while the Republican was talking about the crippling inflation under President Joe Biden.