I’m No Critic, But

Feature: A Night of Ideas in Washington, D.C.

What a night for ideas. The bread is crunchy, the wine abundant, and the French embassy is stuffed with about 500 of Washington, D.C.'s most eager bright young things. It's a regular soirée.

Death Café Society

Feature: An evening at a 'Death Café'

When winter storms cover Takoma, Washington, D.C., the neighborhood looks like a snow globe flipped on its head. And death lurks everywhere: in the funeral home on the corner, in the novels stacked in the bookstore—but especially in the conversations at the two-story arts center where tonight, Death Café hosts its first 2019 event in D.C.

My Time Shooting With the Liberal Gun Club

Some liberals love guns too

They may not like Trump & McConnell but they love Smith & Wesson. That's what I took away from the time I spent in the sweltering fall heat of Orlando, Fla., shooting guns and discussing politics with members of the Liberal Gun Club. Over the course of three days the group of 20 or so dues-paying members (of the several thousand spread around the country) traveled around central Florida shooting sporting clays, steel challenge matches, and even a few machineguns while planning how they'll expand the club and use it to lobby against new gun bans and for what they view as more effective means of addressing gun violence.

‘Ocasio-Cortez in a Scarf’

Riggleman blasts Cockburn as election looms

Leslie Cockburn, Denver RigglemanWAYNESBORO, Va.—Denver Riggleman isn't enjoying his campaign against Leslie Cockburn. The first time Republican candidate, perhaps naïvely, thought his race against Cockburn in Virginia's 5th Congressional District would go a lot differently than it has.

Feature: What I Saw at a John James Campaign Rally

Republican James faces incumbent Democrat Stabenow

John JamesGRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—It's zero hour for the John James campaign, and about 3,000 Michiganders assembled at a Monday night rally to throw their final energies behind Michigan's Republican nominee for Senate. Vice President Mike Pence also took the stage, carrying on the Trump administration's support for the underdog candidate.

The New Greg Packer

Feature: The man who attends every Trump-themed book drop

Comey book launchD.C. has its own Greg Packer — and his name is Phillip Carlisle.

The Nations of the Earth

Yoram Hazony at the Hudson Institute and 'The Virtue of Nationalism'

By the time the fire alarms sound at the Hudson Institute a few minutes into Tuesday afternoon, dozens of protesters have already been arrested for disrupting proceedings at the opening Kavanaugh confirmation hearing across town. So, though no one bothers to move even a little toward the exits, when the alarm turns out to be false one wonders, if just for a moment, whether this wasn't a deliberate delay. After all, nationalism is, at least to so many these days, such a dirty word.

Hillary’s Sad Carnival

Feature: The Left mourns Clinton at OZYFEST 2018

Hillary ClintonNEW YORK CITY—She is the young woman who patiently explained to the homeless man in the subway station that playing fretless would greatly increase his guitar's tonal range. Now she is arguing with her boyfriend as they wait in line for OZYFEST outside Central Park's Rumsey Playfield.

The Church of Animal Rights

Feature: Sunday afternoon spreading the vegan word

Boycott McDonald'sNEW YORK — As I exit the church this Sunday, I leave behind the day of rest to enter the new evangelism.