Chelsea Handler Endorses Terrorist Lawyer for Congress

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler campaigns for then-candidate Joe Biden / Getty Images
April 28, 2022

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler on Thursday endorsed for Congress an anti-Israel activist who served as a lawyer for Palestinian terrorists.

"Let's get some new politicians elected," Handler tweeted, sharing a link to a Huwaida Arraf campaign video. Arraf, who launched her campaign in November, has defended terrorists who in 2010 imported weapons and military equipment for Hamas to the Gaza Strip. Arraf was also on the legal team that fought for citizenship rights for Rasmea Odeh, who orchestrated a 1969 Jerusalem bombing that killed two Jewish college students.

Handler, whose Netflix show Chelsea was canned after two seasons, is among a group of celebrities who saw a brief rise in popularity during the Trump administration. She promised to leave the United States if Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 but instead turned her enthusiasm to liberal political commentary and candidate boosting. She backed Wisconsin Democrat Randy Bryce, then-House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R.) opponent, in the 2018 midterms.

But Handler's enthusiasm has often outpaced her knowledge. She has casually suggested abolishing the First Amendment to protect people from racist humor—despite having dabbled in racist humor herself. When interviewing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) for her show, she struggled to understand the nuances of electoral politics.

Arraf is challenging incumbent Rep. Lisa McClain (R., Mich.), who told the Washington Free Beacon in 2021 the last thing the country needs is another "Squad" member.

"Huwaida Arraf is a Bernie Sanders-style socialist who does not share the views of Michigan's 10th Congressional District," McClain said. "The last thing we need in Congress is another member of the Squad, and that's exactly who she would align with if elected."