Rampant Crime, Public Drug Use, Vagrancy Are Part of 'Basic City Life,' Democrats Argue

Counterpoint: No, they're not

March 22, 2023

What's happening: Democrats are beginning to lash out at people who think crime is bad by insisting that having your car burglarized and riding the subway next to a fentanyl-smoking vagrant are "basic city life experiences."

Wait, seriously? Yes. John Hamasaki, a former San Francisco police commissioner and the failed Democratic Party-endorsed candidate for district attorney following the successful recall of Chesa Boudin, recently lashed out at a tech CEO who lamented that two of his colleagues will be "scarred forever" after having their laptops and passports stolen from their parked car.

"Is this what the suburbs do to you?" Hamasaki wrote on Twitter. "Shelter you from basic city life experiences so that when they happen you are broken to the core?"

Wow, that's deranged. Yes, it is. The same day Hamasaki posted his dumb tweet, a mob of teens took part in a massive brawl at a popular shopping mall—one of several "incidents of mob violence among school-age kids" resulting in "physical injuries" at the location. In other words, just another basic city life experience.

Do Democrats even care about crime? Not really. (See: San Francisco.) The Democrats in charge of Los Angeles, for example, have allowed the city's metro system to be overrun by fentanyl-addicted vagrants. Some liberal experts are adamant that enforcing the law "isn't a solution," which is even more bizarre given their insistence that more people use public transportation to save the planet or whatever.

What are Democrats saying about crime? They tend to ignore the issue or pretend it isn't real. Gov. Kathy Hochul (D., N.Y.) suggested rising crime in New York City was a "conspiracy" invented by Republican "manipulators." She changed her tune somewhat after barely winning reelection (in New York!) against a Republican challenger who ran almost exclusively on crime.

Who's to blame? Everyone but the criminals, as far as most Democrats are concerned. This week California attorney general Rob Bonta (D.) blamed car manufacturers for the spike in vehicle thefts on his watch. "Families shouldn’t have to worry that manufacturers are cutting corners that could put their purchase at risk," Bonta wrote in a letter signed by 22 other attorneys general attacking auto firms Kia and Hyundai for making vehicles that are too easy to steal.

What's the bottom line? Democrats are ill-equipped to address rising crime due to their inclination to believe that criminals are the real victims, whereas actual crime victims are a bunch of Karens who should just shut up and take it.


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