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Unsolved Mystery: Secret Service Throws In The Towel In White House Cocaine Investigation

Agents say they can't even determine the day the cocaine was left in the West Wing

July 13, 2023

San Francisco's Honduran Drug Dealers Are Building Mansions Back Home: Report

Sanctuary city status makes Bay Area 'attractive to the Honduran dealers,' San Francisco Chronicle finds

July 10, 2023

When ‘Harm Reduction’ Becomes Harm Promotion: Yale Study Shows Biden's Drug Policy is Misguided

Researchers find social pressure, not free drug paraphernalia, helps with recovery

June 17, 2023

How the Biden Admin's Refusal to Cover New Alzheimer's Drugs Hurts 'Underserved' Americans and Costs Taxpayers Billions

'The tragedy of Alzheimer's disease is exacerbated by inaction of policymakers,' University of Chicago prof says

June 12, 2023

Facing Chemo Shortage, Biden Admin Taps Chinese Company That Made Drugs With Toxic Sludge

Supply chain snafu threatens to derail Biden's pledge to 'end cancer as we know it'

June 7, 2023

Inside the Whirlwind 48 Hours Before Hunter Biden Bought His Handgun

Firearm purchase is at the center of a Justice Department investigation into the troubled first son

June 7, 2023