Two Cops Shot Amid Anti-Police Protests in LA

Protesters block access to emergency room, chant 'we hope they die'

Two Los Angeles sheriff's deputies are fighting for their lives after being ambushed and shot in their car Saturday night in Compton, Calif.

Judge Allows L.A. County to Temporarily Shut Down Church

Grace Community Church has been subject to fines, land seizures since attempting to restart services

A California judge granted Los Angeles County a victory over Grace Community Church on Thursday by temporarily suspending indoor worship at the church.

REVIEW: ‘She Will Rise’ By Disgraced Former Congresswoman Katie Hill

Sexual pioneer ponders political comeback, but is she "woke" enough?

Former representative Katie Hill (D., Calif.) made history last year when she became the youngest and highest-ranking female politician to resign due to a sex scandal. She also introduced the term “throuple” into the national discourse—something even the Democratic Party’s most prolific (male) sexual deviants, including Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Anthony Weiner, never managed to accomplish.

Meet the Mom Challenging Newsom’s School Shutdowns

Mother of two autistic children leads lawsuit to reopen California schools

Small businesses are devastated and depression rates are rising, but for California resident Christine Ruiz—and countless other parents—the worst part of coronavirus lockdowns is the lack of schooling for her children. The transition to virtual learning has left the most vulnerable students without oversight and critical services. Democratic governor Gavin Newsom opted to keep it that way, issuing an executive order to forbid school reopenings in the fall despite outcry from parents.

Left-Wing UC Berkeley Professor Doesn’t Want Poor People Moving Into His Posh Neighborhood

Robert Reich, a left-wing professor at the University of California Berkeley who served as secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration, is very concerned about income inequality. He urged Wall Street executives to "invest" in cities by funding low-income housing projects. He also praised a "promising initiative" to promote the construction of affordable housing units in San Francisco.