This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation Vol. 3

Pittsburgh "protester" polishes off someone else's drink during march / YouTube
September 13, 2020

Left-wing protesters continued to chase, threaten, and assault their opponents this week, while blocking the media from covering their actions. A group of privileged white protesters claimed to be the "New Afrikan Black Panther Party," police arrested a top Democratic staffer in the Oregon state legislature for rioting, and the media celebrated reports that protests over the summer had been "93 percent peaceful."

6. Portland Police Arrest Dem Staffer During Riot | Washington Free Beacon

Police arrested a top Democratic staffer in Oregon's state legislature this weekend for being part of a riot that threw rocks, set off fireworks and mortars, and lobbed firebombs at officers.

5. Washington Post Reporter Gets Blocked by BLM Protesters

Black Lives Matter protesters blocked Washington Post reporter Fredrick Kunkle from filming a demonstration, shining bright lights into his face and shielding themselves with large umbrellas. Some groups have recently told their supporters to prevent reporters from recording acts of vandalism against federal property, while they have also called for stabbing reporters.

4. Study Finds Widespread Violence, But Media Claim Victory That Protests Are ‘93% Peaceful’

Despite protesters' open hostility to the free press, the media presented a study finding instances of violent protest in about 220 different places around the country as evidence of nonviolence, a level of spin on par with dubbing Kenosha protests "fiery but mostly peaceful."

3. Portland Mayor Appeases Rioters by Banning Police Use of Tear Gas | Oregonian

After 105 consecutive days of demonstrations in Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler has given into protesters' demands to take away the police's option to use tear gas when protests turn violent. State police called the decision "reckless and short sighted," but Wheeler, whose favorability ratings are underwater, said, "We need something different."

2. Pittsburgh BLM Polish Off Diners’ Drinks, Push Cyclist, and Fight Police on Mayor’s Doorstep

Black Lives Matter protesters in Pittsburgh harassed diners and downed their own drinks in front of them. They also harassed and shoved a passing cyclist. Later, they clashed with police near the mayor’s house.

1. Upper-Class Whites Claim Mantle of ‘New Afrikan Black Panther Party’ to Trash NYC Stores | Daily Mail

A daughter of a Columbia professor, a college student and yacht club singer, a freelance art director who's worked campaigns for Pepsi and Samsung, and the son of a famous comic book author were among those who destroyed storefront windows and caused over $100,000 worth of damage to stores in Manhattan.

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