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A Tale of Two Universities

Harvard and the University of Florida take divergent paths in dealing with lawbreaking students

Iran's Government Is Paying Anti-Israel Protesters as Part of US Influence Campaign, National Intelligence Director Says

Iranian agents posing as activists and encouraging protests, according to statement from Avril Haines

July 9, 2024

IRS Under Pressure To Pull Tax-Exempt Status for Pro-Hamas Groups Fomenting Unrest

Network of groups that encouraged BLM riots now bankrolling anti-Israel violence, Jim Banks says

July 2, 2024

Meet the Rich Kids, Professors, and Activists Arrested at Columbia in April

The Washington Free Beacon’s guide to occupying a Columbia campus building

July 2, 2024

'Al Jazeera on the Potomac': WaPo Reporter Taylor Lorenz Boosts Defenses of Los Angeles Synagogue Protest

Taylor Lorenz pushed false claim LA synagogue was auctioning Palestinian land

June 25, 2024

Manhattan DA Drops Charges Against 30 Columbia Protesters Arrested Over Campus Building Occupation

Prosecutor cites lack of evidence, lack of criminal history, and internal discipline at Columbia in decision to dismiss trespassing cases

June 20, 2024

I Took Pictures of a Columbia Dean's Phone. Here's Why.

The photographs were no 'invasion of privacy.' I was documenting an injustice.

June 18, 2024