Obama Wind Farms Continue to Slaughter Adorable Winged Creatures

The night is dark and full of (taxpayer funded) terrors

August 18, 2014

The Obama administration’s effort to save the environment by exterminating non-human life forms is succeeding dramatically, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

A White Pine County wind farm that sells power to NV Energy has been forced to change operations after its massive turbines killed triple the number of bats allowed under an agreement with federal regulators.

The 152-megawatt Spring Valley Wind Energy project about 260 miles northeast of Las Vegas killed an estimated 566 bats in 2013, so its operator agreed to change when the windmills kick on in hopes of reducing the number of deaths.

In June, the wind farm’s 66 turbines — each standing up to 425 feet tall — were adjusted on nights with high bat activity so they would only start turning when sustained winds reach about 11 mph instead of the usual "cut-in" speed of about 7 mph.

Some animal-loving environmentalists are upset, but who cares? They’re also upset about the Obama administration’s eco-genocide against bald eagles and other majestic birds in California, where massive solar farms are incinerating an estimated 28,000 birds per year using sophisticated heat laser technology. But the administration has made clear that they’re not going to let a few whimpering hippies stand in the way of progress.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz gets photobombed by flaming eagles. (AP)
U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz gets photobombed by flaming eagles. (AP)