BERN IT DOWN: Sanders Torches the Establishment, Cruises to Victory in Nevada Caucus

LAS VEGAS — Lesson learned. Attend a Democratic caucus with a beard on your face, and everyone there will naturally assume you represent the Bernie Sanders campaign. You'll be tempted to say yes, because it always feels good to win in Vegas. Because on this otherwise normal Saturday in the epicenter of capitalism, a 78 year old socialist has claimed victory, and laid waste to the Democratic Party.

How Tara McGowan Became the Elizabeth Holmes of Politics

She said she could give Democrats a Silicon Valley upgrade. But are her plans made of glass?

Tara McGowan on C-SPANIt's been more than two weeks, and we still do not know who won the Iowa Democratic caucus. In the days since the start of that historic catastrophe, news reports have blamed the Iowa Democratic party's inaccurate figures on a smartphone app developed by Shadow, Inc., a "progressive" technology firm. Shadow, in turn, has been linked to a non-profit, ACRONYM, out of which has spun a complex network of private and public entities through which millions in Democratic dark money courses.

BLOOMBERG BOX WATCH: ‘Mini Mike’ Qualifies for Democratic Debate in Nevada

All eyes on diminutive mayor after Trump exposes box plot

Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor trying to become the shortest individual elected president since the five-foot-seven William McKinley in 1896, will finally get the chance to stand up to his Democratic rivals on the debate stage. It remains to be seen what sort of contraption the multibillionaire will deploy in an attempt to conceal the truth about his diminutive stature.

2020 Dems Flock to Iowa for 4th of July

Events range from house parties to door-to-door canvassing

While the opportunity to persuade Iowa swing voters is too good to pass up for most, some of the candidates will be travelling to other early primary states to get ahead of the competition in a crowded field.

Dark Money Org Created Fake Facebook News Groups to Reach Nevada Voters

Tactics were similar to Russian disinformation efforts in 2016 using social media

A group promoting progressive health care policies in Nevada paid for Facebook advertisements in which the source of the content appeared to originate from a pair of local, state-based news organizations—news organizations that did not exist in any meaningful sense.