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Dem-Controlled Senate Defies Biden in Vote to Restore Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

Vote comes as blow for Biden, who has argued that Chinese solar tariffs would decimate green energy industry

May 3, 2023

Green Energy Industry Admits It Needs Cheap Chinese Goods To Survive

Industry leaders in panic as Congress pushes to impose tariffs on Chinese solar panels

May 2, 2023

Solar Panels at Fort Bragg 'Probably Made in China,' Army Secretary Says

80 percent of solar panels come from China, many tied to slave labor in Xinjiang

April 19, 2023

Easy Being Green: Biden Approves Campaign Donors' Solar Project Over Environmentalist Objections

Intersect Power has 'raped the desert' through Biden-approved solar farm, local resident says

February 23, 2023

Meet the Biden Energy Official Who Fought To Shield China From US Solar Tariffs

Before scoring coveted role in Biden's Energy Department, Jigar Shah represented China's largest solar companies

January 26, 2023

'It’s Armageddon': Media Silent on Biden Admin Plan to Snatch Public Land For Solar Farms

News outlets slammed Trump-era plans to use public land for energy projects

January 21, 2023