Green Energy

Hickenlooper National Security Policy Avoids Energy Revolution

Former geologist hailed energy development as indispensible to democracies

John Hickenlooper's rollout of a national security plan called for climate change to be treated as a security issue, but the presidential candidate has avoided the topic of the recent U.S. energy production boom, which he cited in 2015 as heralding a new era of safety and stability to liberal democracies that value freedom.

NY AG’s Office Hiding Climate Activist’s Emails Behind Whistleblower Defense

Activist attorney has led charge for state legal action against 'Big Oil'

The New York attorney general's office is trying to use a whistleblower defense to keep emails between their office and a third-party attorney sealed and out of public view, despite the person at issue's active efforts to persuade governments across the country to sue large energy producers.

Virginia’s Push for Solar Panels Offers Few Rays of Hope

'We're destroying huge amounts of land for a system that, at best, is 20 percent efficient'

California solar panelsMany Civil War battles were fought on the farms surrounding Culpeper, Va., about an hour outside Washington, D.C., and in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now, a new conflict is underway, as members of the local community push back against energy providers attempting to cover Culpeper—and other parts of rural Virginia—with solar facilities, sometimes thousands of acres in size.

Environmental Activists Pushed Chinese-Friendly Policies with Obama Administration

Green group denies need to register as foreign agent

State Department email records show that environmental activists, who have denied operating as foreign agents in response to congressional inquiries, partnered with Obama administration officials to advance climate change policies that were beneficial to China and detrimental to the United States, according to energy policy analysts and attorneys who have reviewed the electronic correspondence.